KYC Charges
Membership Charges Individual Charges Individual Charges (India)
From To One Time Annual One Time Annual
Turnover Turnover $/member $ p.a./member Rs/member Rs p.a./members
NIL Rs 1.2 Crore ($ 200,000) 10 30 600 1,800
Rs 1.2 Crore ($ 200,000) Rs 30 Crore ($ 5 million) 20 80 1,200 4,800
Rs 30 Crore ($ 5 million) Rs 180 Crore ($ 30 million) 40 150 2,400 9,000
Rs 180 Crore ($ 30 million) Rs 600 Crore ($ 100 million) 80 300 4,800 18,000
Rs 600 Crore ($ 100 million) onward 150 500 9,000 30,000

* GST Extra

Note: Charges will start from the day you apply for activation for the First time, to extract maximum benefits request you to please visit videos/Training materials before you apply for activation. Please select correct turnover details, if you select wrong Turnover details and found, your profile will be suspended.
FAQ on KYC Charges

1.What are the Charges?

Charges are very minimal and as per above table:

2.What is the difference between One Time charges and Annual charges?

One Time charge is for registration and to be paid only once. At initial stage, efforts in profile verification is higher. Annual charges are to continue using the system and cover to data security and maintenance cost.

3.What is the difference between all these slabs?

Difference is based on your company/firm turnover.

4.How do I pay?

You can pay via internet banking, credit /debit card, cash card, wallets etc.

5.Do you save my payment details?

No, we don’t save any details related to payment

6.Is your payment gateway secured?

Yes, our payment gateway is 100% secured

7.What is my validity/chargeable period? OR From when my charges are applicable?

You will be charged from the day when you FIRST APPLY FOR INITIAL ACTIVATION till next one year.

8.What if I don’t want to pay?

If you do not pay, your profile will be marked as Suspended and you will not be able to send and receive.

9.What all included in this price?

It includes UNLIMITED ACCESS to your profile, there is no restrictions on Connections, profile downloads and updates to your profile.

10.What if I provide wrong Turnover details?

If you provide wrong turnover details and upon findings it found to be incorrect, your profile will be suspended. This is to certify that turnover details updated here are true and correct and we agree to provide you chartered accountant certificate/ Audited Balance Sheet if requested to do so by MyKYCBank.

11.Can I get an invoice?

Yes, upon successful payment an invoice will be generated and sent to your registered email Address SMS (provided you have updated your mobile number)

12.Is there any refund for part use?

No refund in any circumstances.

13.What should I do if my payment is unsuccessful but charges are deducted from my account?

In case your amount is deducted but shows unsuccessful on MyKYCBank, please share screenshots along with your profile and contact details to, we will get back to you within 2-3 working days.